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Creativity has always been a part of my life since i was a child. It is in my nature to create, it is what gives me purpose in life. I have a huge passion for design, beautiful spaces and furniture and photography falls perfectly in line. For many years I've been in the interior design world and photography began as a small hobby. Over the course of 8 years things naturally evolved and I began my career as a family and wedding photographer and have never looked back.

Photography for me is not just about taking photos, it is about a feeling I get when I have the camera in my hands. That is when I get into the flow and everything that I do during a photo shoot becomes second nature. It is always such a privilege to be chosen as someone's photographer, to be trusted with capturing memories of the important moments whether it is a small family get together or a big wedding.



Indoor, outdoor or studio photo shoot?

My favourite place to do photo shoots is outdoors, in a beautiful open space of a nature reserve or a park where mother nature offers a huge variety or settings and beautiful light! I also love urban backdrops for a more modern and lifestyle feel.


I do not work in a studio setup, however, if that is the requirement I have access to a number of studios in Johannesburg.

What is the best location for our photo shoot?

I work at a number of outdoor locations around Johannesburg. These are places that I know very well and know what works best for a type of photo shoot. In addition to that, I also do a lot of photo shoots at the comfort of my clients' homes, especially during Covid period and if I'm working newborn babies. 

For all corporate  photo sessions I prefer to do the shoots at the company's offices or a specific location best suited to the client.

Do you only work in Johannesburg?

My main area of work happens to be in Johannesburg and surrounding areas, Vaal triangle, Pretoria and Magaliesberg. However, I am happy to travel anywhere in and out of the South Africa and capture your special event.

Do you do photo albums and canvas prints?

Yes, this is where I have a lot of fun! I offer a wide variety of coffee table albums, wedding albums, canvas prints, picture frames and gifting items. Do enquire about these after your photo shoot with me, I often have really cool specials!

Do you do photo shoots with large groups/families?

Definitely, the more the merrier as they say! Photo shoot group size vary from 1 - 6 people all the ways up but not limited to 15 - 20 people. 

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